A change of pace


Holly Alexander (12) sings her duet solo with LeAnn Stutler (11) during Concert Choir’s number “Praise His Holy Name!” This number was finale to the concert, and it received a standing ovation.

Maddie Conley and Madeline Conley

With the demolition of the auditorium, arts students have been left without a place to perform, so this year’s Choir Classics Concert took place in the gymnasium of Grimmer Middle School on March 18.

“[The concert] went really well for this year especially since it was the first concert that everyone got to watch. It went smoothly and was fun to see,” Holly Alexander (12) said.

Usually, the choirs spend the week before the concert preparing in the auditorium by practicing songs and practicing lining up. For this concert, the students were unable to do this.

“There was no practice time in the space, so I was extremely impressed with the students when all of the students had no mess-ups. The soloists used the mics with no problem, and the choirs all lined up perfectly,” Ms. Sandra Hobbs, Music, said.

Though the choirs and other performing arts classes miss the old auditorium, a new one is schedule to be finished for August 2015, which will allow students to have a designated place to perform instead of the gymnasium.

“[The demolition of the auditorium] is upsetting because it held so many memories, but when the new one comes we can start over and create new memories,” Austin Traina (10) said.