Diving into different talents

Megan Helfers and lakecentralnews

Typically when you ask someone what they do as hobbies or sports, they reply with one or two things. It is rare to find someone with multiple talents, such as Alexander Morgan (10).

“I mostly realized I had these talents through my friends,” Morgan said.

Morgan’s talents vary from musical skills to athletic skills to unique talents. Morgan can play the guitar, dive, solve a Rubik’s cube, do parkour, wakeboard and several yo-yo tricks.

Each individual talent I learned with someone else. My friend, [Tristan Pappas (10)] taught me how to solve a Rubik’s cube. My friend, Michael Waldmarson, told me how to wakeboard. I learned how to play guitar and [do Parkour] with [Clifford Fitch (10).] I learned how to yo-yo with my friend [Nick Presta (10)],” Morgan said.

During his middle-school years, Morgan got into yo-yoing more. He enjoyed it so much that he attended a yo-yo competition that took place in Minneapolis. He showed and taught others varieties of tricks that he knows.

“I went to a competition for yo-yoing once and I made a lot of friends but I realized it wasn’t something I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” Morgan said.

With several activities, Morgan’s favorite is diving. He is on Lake Central’s varsity diving team. He practices 11 hours a week in club season, and 15 hours a week during high school season.

“[Diving] is the one sport that I’m really good at and I have the opportunity to get scholarships so I could actually do something with my life,” Morgan said.