Handing a new perspective

A new group known as the American Sign Language Group welcomes all students to learn a unique skill and develop a talent. On Wednesday, March 19, students got the chance to learn how to say different phrases that hearing people use on a daily basis.

“I thought it would be a good idea to start the high school with a new ASL group next year. If there are people who join then again we will try for an ASL club officially. Since the school board has not approved the club, we can not call it a club yet,” Mrs. Sarah Mayer, Kahler, said.

Students do not need any experience at all to join the club because the group was started so that students can know what the deaf community is like. Students are taught how to hold a conversation with a deaf or hard-of-hearing person.

“I thought [the ASL group] was really fun and interesting. I never learned ASL before except I did catch up on little things from the T.V. series I watch,” Alexandra Adams (10) said.

Ms. Mayer taught and also introduced to the students the different techniques on how to sign the different phrases, like asking for someone’s name or asking if they are deaf or hearing. She also explained how to make it easier to sign by positioning the hands in a certain way.

“I really enjoyed interacting and trying to communicate with a deaf student. I wanted to join because I love learning new things. I always wanted to learn ASL, because I watched Switched at Birth. There’s deaf people in the show and they sign in the show and I always wanted to know like what they’re saying without reading the subscripts,“ Adams said.

Meetings for the new ASL group are every Wednesday after school in the Media Center.