Senior Class Cabinet meets to discuss senior banquet


This past Wednesday, April 2, the Senior Class Cabinet met in Room 9115 to discuss future plans for the Senior Banquet. The club’s meeting consisted of four students as well as the two sponsors, Ms. Carrie Wadycki, English, and Mrs. Sarah Verpooten, English.

“We’ve been [sponsoring class cabinet] since 2006, but this is our third senior class,” Ms. Wadycki said.

The members of the class cabinet discussed several ideas involving the banquet, including the idea of writing messages and signing autographs before the students leave to separate colleges.

“I think it’s kind of a cool idea that they’re going to to an autograph thing so that kids can have that to stick in their yearbooks. I thought that was a great idea because no one has ever really done something like that,” Mrs. Verpooten said.

With the new autograph idea, students will be able to create a more personal experience at Senior Banquet, allowing them to connect on a higher level with their classmates before they set off into the real world.

“I’m excited because I’m a senior, but I’m also sad because I’ll miss everyone. It’s somewhat bittersweet,” Sonnie Lopez (12), president, said.

Tickets for Senior Banquet will be sold after school on Monday, April 21 until Wednesday, April 23.