The Return of ‘The Mindy Project’

Maneet Mander and lakecentralnews

‘The Mindy Project,’ starring Mindy Kaling, returned Tuesday, April 1 with a two-part special on Fox.

Mindy Kaling stars as OB/GYN and romantic comedy-obsessed Mindy Lahiri searching for love in New York City while accompanied by her wacky co-workers. ‘The Mindy Project’ could easily be called a neverending rom-com, but just when it seems like everything in Mindy’s love life is finally coming together, it all falls apart and we start the cycle again; the supply of jokes is endless.

The show costars Chris Messina playing the handsome jerk Danny Castellano that you can’t help but love. From the day I saw the pilot episode back in the fall of 2012 I knew that Mindy and Danny were meant for each other, and I have been pulling for them ever since.

The two-part special picked up exactly where we left off in season two on Jan. 28, when Mindy and Danny finally kissed. My reaction to this scene could be compared to a beetle that has been flipped on its back and can’t find its way back to its feet; it was everything I had been waiting for and more.

In the two new episodes we saw Mindy and Danny continue on with their new relationship but not without hitting a few bumps along the way. Mindy’s attempt to break up with her current boyfriend doesn’t go as planned when he receives a call that his grandmother has died in the first episode. In the second, Danny ends up sick in the hospital unable to decode the feelings Mindy has for him while Mindy tries to get an obscene video of herself off of the internet. No love story is simple and neither is Mindy’s, but that’s what makes this show so great–it keeps you coming back for more. It truly is the romantic comedy that never ends and I can’t wait to see how the show wraps up season two.