Best Buddies gathers for luau-themed meeting


Camryn Halfeldt (9) and Mrs. Kim Freeman, Physical Education, help Jake Kelley (12) secure his necklace. This luau-themed meeting took place in the front of the cafeteria.

The cafeteria was filled with bright colors and Hawaiian decorations to fit a fun luau theme of the Best Buddies meeting on Monday, April 8.

“[The officers of the club] were just thinking of fun ideas and stuff that was original. We thought the luau [theme] would be a splendid choice. The students really enjoyed it, and I hope to do it again in the future,” Vice President Noah Sarkey (12) said.

The theme included all sorts of activities for the members to do. Each group started at a specific game or station and then rotated in a clockwise motion so everybody could participate in each activity. The activities included limboing to Hawaiian-inspired music, bowling with tennis balls and liter pop bottles, playing Fish, Fish, Shark (a variation of the game Duck, Duck, Goose) and making necklaces from brightly-colored tissue paper.

“I thought [the theme] was fun. It was a little corny, but I mean it was still fun. [The games] really get the kids into it,” Jacob Kleimola (10) said.

After the members enjoyed the activities, they lined up to get some juice boxes and cookies to conclude the meeting. The kids all sat around at their tables, ate and talked before making their way out of the cafeteria to go home.

The Best Buddies club tries to meet every other week. On the off weeks, the officers get together to plan themes that will be exciting for all the members. The next Best Buddies meeting will be on Monday, April 21.