Practice makes perfect

Hundreds of students will take an AP test the next two weeks, but only the committed will earn a score of a three, four or five–the scores needed to receive college credit.

To enforce the importance of reviewing key information, practice tests for AP Government, Economics and AP U.S. History have been held three days a week for the past couple of weeks, while students try and prepare themselves for the awaited test day.

“[For English] I think I need to look over some of the notes taken, and Everything’s an Argument, and the literary devices from the summer,” Jennifer Wojcik(11) said.

Students take written and online practice tests, review notes and flash cards. Above all, students must be able to relax and have confidence in their abilities before taking the test.

“I’m taking APUSH and English.  I’m going to look over all the stuff.  I will probably get a three on them,” Bailey Micka (11) said.

Going on before and after school, practice tests are used to best prepare students for their tests. If they do well, the tests can open up students’ college schedules, but each student must strive to do his or her personal best.

“I’m hoping for the best on these [AP] tests and hopefully all the studying I’ve done pays off,” Tristan Gardenhire (12) said.