Flooded panel triggers fire alarm


At Lake Central High School at 11:58 a.m. during the passing period between C and D lunch, students evacuated after the fire alarm went off in the Freshmen Center. Due to water on the two panels, an electrical shortage caused the alarms to go off everywhere except the new wing.

“We were just sitting in class and an alarm started going off in the hallway, but then we realized it was a fire alarm and evacuated,” Katie Maddy (10) said.

As the wind was blowing cold air, students stood in the parking lot for about 15 minutes until they were released back into the school.

“It went excellent and students behaved well,” Mr. Sean Begley, Freshmen Center Principal, said.

Students that had class on the third floor of the West Wing were only outside for a short amount of time. By 12:18 p.m. everyone had already returned to class, and students continued to D lunch.