ACTing up

The ACT plan test and the ACT Explore test are available to be picked up from Mr. Sean Begley, Freshmen Center Principal, outside the cafeteria on Main Street.

“We’re trying to get them [the ACT tests] uploaded, get them out to students, [and] get them back to parents. They’re [already] on RDS and Naviance and now we’re trying to get out the hard copy,“ Mr. Begley said.

Juniors received their ACT results in the mail and can retake the ACT if they want starting on June 14. Juniors can retake the ACT and the SAT as many times as they want.

“Naviance has an ACT test prep and a SAT test prep program that students can use to help them. If you go on Naviance and you look at your family connection account and you click on your ‘prep me’ tab, it will take you right there,” Mr. Begley said.

Although the ACT data has not yet been compared to last year’s scores, the summer will bring a start to that process.

“I took a look at the ACT and saw that several students scored perfect scores on several of the subject tests, we did not having anyone score [perfect] on the composite,” Mr. Begley said.

The ACT Plan and ACT Explore tests offer students a chance to anticipate and plan for their plans after high school.

“I think students should really focus in on how they did, this is a chance where they can plan backwards and plan with the end in mind. They should look at what colleges they’re interested in and they should look at where there estimated ACT composite score range is and they should look into a potential college and see if their ACT score is in range,” Mr. Begley said.

Students can sign up to take or retake the ACT at