Starving to get in touch with nature

Hannah Reed and Hannah Reed

Exercise is a hard thing to wrap your head around sometimes. You can sit on your couch relaxing or you can be outside doing things. Who would want to be outside when they could be sitting in an air conditioned house?

Hiking at Starved Rock in Illinois felt nothing like exercise, though. With beautiful views and adventurous vibes, it felt more like a vacation.

Starved Rock is 13.3 miles of trails and sightseeing, not counting the off-trail canyons that you can try to climb to get an even more amazing view. The lodge has a few options of how you can spend your time there. Camping is available for hikers who want to stay overnight multiple days, while the visitor option is for those who only want to experience one day of exploring.

If you’re looking for a reason to get off the couch this summer or you just want to become more in-touch with nature, take a trip to Starved Rock. You won’t regret the hour and a half road trip and connection with nature that it has to offer.