Cross Country begins the long run


After running, the girls cross country team does other forms of training. They did a lot of core work such as planks and sit-ups for their workout.

Emily Rey and lakecentralnews

Along with many other athletic teams, cross country started summer conditioning this past week. The runners have a lot to be excited for at the start of the season.

“I’m glad that [conditioning] finally started because the short break between track and cross country feels weird. It’s good to be back with the team again,” Jacob Koontz (10) said.

The demolition of the old building challenges many sports teams.  For the cross country team, it means a lack of running and training space. The teams have been running through the neighborhoods around LC for a little while now.

“The construction has taken up a lot of space that we used to run in and has led us to find different places to run,” Cole Reynolds (10) said.

Along with the new season comes new faces to the teams and new events and places to go to. This builds up a lot of excitement for the athletes.

“I’m excited to spend time with the rest of the team and to go down to Terra Haute for the state meet,” Casey Garvey (10) said.