JV Volleyball Sets Up for a Good Season


Kelly Orze (10) spikes the ball through the hands of the Mustang’s blockers. Orze made key plays that added to the Indian’s victory.

Sofia Hay, Author

On Tuesday, Aug. 26, the JV girls volleyball team visited Munster for their third regular season game of the year.  The Indians defeated the Mustangs 25-9 in the first set and 25-18 in the second.

Munster was predicted to be a tough team to beat, but Lake Central held its ground.

“I think we played really well, and it’s always fun to beat a school rival,” Nicole Milaszewski (10) said.

There were many key plays that led to the win.  The “heart and hustle,” as they cheered in the team huddle, also helped keep the intensity level high.

“We did very well blocking.  All of our blockers did well and we limited errors,” Coach Jennifer Fandl, Mathematics, said.

Everyone on the team contributed to the big win, including the two freshmen on the team.  Playing on the JV team as a freshman is a big accomplishment, as there is a separate team for freshmen.

“[Playing as a freshman] is really nerve-wracking, but I really like the team and we mesh well,” Mia DiNino (9) said.

This game showed the skill level that the team is capable of playing, and they have a lot to look forward to for the rest of the season.

“I think they finally played, in the first set, the best they have all season.  I think they knew how good Munster can be and they wanted to play up to their level.  I would say that that’s by far the best they have played,” Coach Fandl said.