Senior Class Cabinet members plan final year


Members of the cabinet listen to Mrs. Joan Loden as she explains what this year’s girls’ senior shirts will look like. They discussed the color of the text on the shirt.

Liz Bustamante, Author

Students from the class of 2015 gathered in room C329 to plan their final year of high school at the Senior Class Cabinet meeting on Thursday, Sept. 4.  They organized their senior banquet and girls’ senior T-shirts.

“[The Senior Class Cabinet] has two main activities that they work on.  [They work on] homecoming and the senior banquet, a fun dinner dance just for seniors.  We also help girls with senior shirts,” Mrs. Joan Loden, Math, said.

Students of the Senior Class Cabinet are excited to get a say in their last year of high school.

“I felt like I needed to be involved, being a senior.  I feel like we are head of the school and should be involved,” Kassie Woodworth (12) said.

The senior banquet, the club’s main focus, has seniors even more excited for the school year.

“[I am most excited about] doing the senior banquet especially because none of us have ever been to the senior banquet.  I’m really excited for that,” Woodworth said.

Not only are the seniors excited for their banquet, but members of the staff are as well.

“Senior banquets are always fun.  I enjoy it and the seniors do, too.  I hope we have a good turn out,” Mrs. Loden said.