Students dig deeper in dissection


Rachael Peterson (12) smiles big as she pulls a fish out of the shark’s stomach. Only a few of the sharks had whole fish in their stomachs.

Amber Stedt, Author

On Sept. 10, Mrs. Moreno’s room was filled with students excited about the day’s project: a shark dissection.

Before they were able to begin the shark dissection, they watched a video clip about the correct procedure for dissecting a shark.  Some of the students were uneasy about this.

“The dissection is pretty disgusting. It’s a great class, but I don’t know if I would ever take a class like this again,” Paul Centanni (11) said.

Other students enjoyed learning and dissecting the shark.

“Well, it is kind of gross when you first start off, but I actually think it’s really cool because we get to do hands-on learning and see what’s inside the shark,” Hannah Scherer (12) said.

While some students didn’t like the dissection, there are some who recommend the class.

“I heard it was a fun class to take because you get to dissect stuff. I think that’s pretty cool because you don’t get to do that a lot,” Morgan Olson (11) said.