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Pop Goes The Easel

 Whether these artists are experienced and looking to showcase their talents, or a beginner eager to explore their creative side, Art club provides a welcoming and inclusive environment where students can freely express their unique artistic visions and passions. 

   “I joined art club because I really enjoy art and I like just being creative in general,” Madison Duda (10) said.

  This club also helps students build on the skills that they had prior to joining, while also letting the members try new mediums to expand their knowledge on art. 

  “I feel like I’m already improving. I’m doing ceramics and I’ve never done anything like this. I’m learning a lot of new things that I haven’t before,” Itzia Guera (9) said. 

   Mrs. Cowan, the dedicated and passionate sponsor of art club this year, is especially taking her new role seriously to support and nurture young aspiring artists, providing them with guidance, resources and many opportunities to explore and further develop their artistic talents. 

   “I think this club will help aspiring artists because it’s not graded, so it’s not as challenging as an art class could be, which makes it a little bit easier for some students who aren’t sure if they want to get into art,” Cowan said.

   Since she is an artist herself, Cowan hopes to share her love of art with the student body. She does this by sponsoring the club and by teaching ceramics classes. 

   “I am an artist myself. I’ve been an art teacher for 17 years, but before that I’ve just always loved art for as long as I can remember. But I fell in love with ceramics in high school and that’s what I’m currently teaching and it was my dream to teach that,” Cowan said.

   Within this club, there are numerous members who are completely captivated by art. They have been showing their devotion and passion for many years. 

  “I joined art club because I’m really interested in art and it makes me happy. I do art daily. I’ve been doing art since I was in kindergarten, so it’s something that really calls to me,” Guera said. 

   While some people may see art as more of a career path, few students in art club see art as just a hobby. 

“I see art as more of a hobby. I probably wouldn’t pursue art as a career because I just see it as a fun thing for me to do when I’m bored or in the mood to be creative,” Morgan Maas (11) said.

   Mrs. Cowan hopes that this club inspires students to engage in their creative passions during and past the high school level. 

“I hope that it does encourage students to take art classes, because they’ll have fun here and then they can take that into an art class. But it also will look good on college applications. Definitely if a student’s going to art school. Some of the things we do here in this club can go into an art portfolio. Those are some things that colleges look for,” Cowan said. 

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