Students consider taking flight to higher learning in language


Luis Cortez (12), Etura Williams (12), and Brian Sweeney (12) are two students who have participated in the IUHPFL program. They were at the meeting to answer questions and give insight on it.

Elena Gorney, Author

On Thursday, Sept. 18, Ms. Nancy Tilka, World Language, held a call out meeting in Room C106 for students thinking about participating in the Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Language (IUHPFL).

“I certainly support the program.  It’s not for everybody, but it’s a very strong, reputable program,” Ms. Tilka said.

Students have to be in at least a third level language class, agree to continue onto the fourth level and pass a language exam to participate in the program. IUHPFL gives students the opportunity to travel to Chile, France, Germany, Mexico or Spain for seven weeks.

“The test is just a placement test that you would take to get into college to see what your skill level is,” Luis Cortez (12) said.

Cortez, Etura Williams (12) and Brian Sweeney (12) were at the meeting to answer questions and give insight on what the program is like for students thinking about attending. They attended IUHPFL last year.

“I think it would be really fun, and I’ve never left the continent, so I would like to do that.  I want to get better at French, but also I like the idea of traveling,” Leslie Lopez (11) said.

Students who are interested in taking the language test can visit:

The deadline to sign up for the test is Sept. 29.