JV Volleyball overthrows Chesterton Trojans


The JV volleyball team discusses their plan during a break in the second set. The girls won the second set with the score of 25-17.

Ruth Chen, Author

The JV volleyball team’s spirit shone through in their performance on Tuesday, Sept. 23. Caught up in the energy of the game, the girls overthrew the match against Chesterton in two sets.

The girls’ momentum in their first set carried them to win the set with the score of 25-9.

“I think that we did very well today. We were on top of our blocks and our defenses and our sets were there. We didn’t let them get over fifteen points and our first set was strong,” Olivia Oster (10) said.

In the second set, the momentum was only hindered, not stopped. This set determined the girls’ victory with the score of 25-17.

“We had less communication [in the second set], and I think we got a little too comfortable winning the first game, that we left our guard off during the second,” Frances Kornelik (10) said.

Although the girls won the match, winning still leaves room for improvement.

“[We need improvement in] knowing when to be consistent and knowing that at certain times of the game, you cannot make an error,” Coach Jennifer Fandl, Math, said.

The varsity volleyball team also won their match with scores of 25-15, 25-14, 25-23. The JV and varsity girls’ next home match will be on Tuesday, Oct. 2, against Michigan City.