No pain, no gain


Lauren Bluf (9) gets ready to make an attempt to score. Unfortunately, Bluf did not score, and Chesterton gained the ball.

Michael Clark, Author

On Tuesday, Sept. 16, JV girls soccer faced Chesterton in a revolutionary game on its home territory. Both teams battled to maintain their undefeated titles, but in the end, Chesterton took the 1-0 victory.

“I think my team this year has a lot of potential, knowledge and talent.  I keep telling the girls that understanding the game is just as important as having talent and skill,” JV coach, Miss Alex Graves said.

In the middle of the first half, Ashley Scanlon (10) was hit in the nose by a high kick, and a Chesterton midfielder, Mallory Babcock, received a neck injury after she fought with Madison Sarkey (9) for the ball. As a result, Chesterton received a penalty kick and scored the first goal of the night.

“My main goal is to help them develop into better, more well-rounded players. JV, as most know, do not play for conference championships or have a post-season tournament. My goals are to get the girls ready for varsity play, whether that be for just post-season play or an entire season,” Miss Graves said.

The game seemed motionless until Chesterton scored on a penalty kick. Although the girls let a goal slip past them, they held the Trojans for the remainder of the game.

“My short term goal is to have a successful team, and by successful, I do not mean a winning season.  To be successful means that the girls are playing at a higher level than when they started, they show improvement in their technical, tactical, physical, and even psychological abilities and continue to strive for progress,” Miss Graves said.