First Hour Matrix Celebrates the Day of the Dead


Students pretend to set up decorations on the altar for honoring the dead. The altar included food, candles, pictures, and other knickknacks.

Amber Stedt, Author

On Oct. 13, in room C102, Spanish II first hour matrix decorated, painted, and learned about the culture of the Day of the Dead.  Students in Mrs. Chris Schneider’s, World Language, class went full out for the holiday.

“I got to set up the altar [which honors the ones who passed away] so that was a new experience for me,” Neal Govani (10) said.

Other students contributed to this celebration by face painting, getting their face painted, or coloring a picture of a skull.

“My favorite part was the face painting because it was cool seeing everyone’s face painted,” Alex Bell (10) said.

Mrs. Schneider enjoys teaching the Day of the Dead because it’s a beautiful holiday and how its gaining popularity in the United States.

“I always enjoy teaching about the Day of the Dead because its a holiday that’s unique to the Mexican culture and its gaining popularity in the United States.  I think its a beautiful holiday so I wish that it would gain even more popularity,” Mrs. Schneider said.