Mrs. Nancy Tilka, World Language, Shares her French Experience


Jenna Crawford, Author

Q- How long have you been teaching the French language?

A- It’s been about 25 years. I taught eight years at Purdue Calumet.

Q- What’s your favorite part about teaching French?

A- I like exposing students to something they never learned before. No matter what language they’re learning, they’re processing something new.

Q- How long did you live in France?

A- I lived there one year during undergraduate school, one year during graduate school, and two and a half years when I got married.

Q- What did you do while living in France?

A- I taught English for a year in France while I was married.

Q- Did you enjoy living there? What was it like?

A- Yes. Living there as a student was different than living there while I was married. It was a wonderful experience. It was good for learning about the language and the French culture. It was interesting to see how the news and media viewed America.