Never too old to trick-or-treat


Anastasia Papanikolaou, Author

Every year on Oct. 31, kids all around the United States go trick-or-treating. Although some may think that kids should stop trick-or-treating when they begin high school, I think that you’re never too old to join in on the hunt for candy.

Let’s be honest, most of us love candy. For many Halloween begins the time of the year when dieting and eating healthy is put on the back burner for sweets during the holiday season.

Halloween allows everyone to dress up and be whoever they want to be for one night. You can choose to throw it back to childhood and be a Disney Princess or a Power Ranger, or you can make it more adult and be a Cat or Ninja.

However those who are destructive and disrespectful may not be welcome at every doorstep. Even though it might be fun for you to destroy your neighbor’s pumpkins, they probably won’t enjoy cleaning up your mess. Halloween is meant to be a fun holiday for everyone, and you might just ruin someone else’s holiday if you make poor choices.

For candy lovers, there is not an age limit for trick-or-treating. Whether you’re eight or 18, you can still go. Just make sure when you are whatever you want and you are respectful to whoever’s house you visit.