Students replicate DNA in second hour matrix


The DNA is placed into the impressions in the gel. After all the DNA was placed into the impressions, the battery hooked up to it caused bubbles.

Amber Stedt, Author

On Nov. 6, Mrs. Rachael Thomas’s, Science, forensics class experimented with a DNA lab in Room C130.

The students were given trays to put liquid gel into, while a comb was placed into the gel to make holes in it. After the gel hardened, the students carefully pulled out the comb, which made impressions in the gel to carefully transfuse the DNA.

“My favorite part was putting the DNA into the well and seeing the blue DNA fill it,” Anthony Menegaetti (11) said.

The students were divided into groups of four to work together and learn different things about the replication of DNA.

“I learned how I can use DNA with electricity,” Menegaetti said.

While some students enjoyed filling the impressions, other students learned how they could apply the lab in the real forensic world.

“I learned how to differentiate between suspects,” Natasa Beader (11) said.