Closer look at sensational sensations


Mr. Ralph Holden, Social Studies and Ryan Ryba (12) look at Lindsey Gercken’s (11) tongue. Mr. Holden’s AP Psychology class experienced several activities to conclude their sensation and perception unit.

Sara Lisac, Author

During 3rd hour Mr. Ralph Holden’s, Social Studies, AP Psychology class had the opportunity to have a closer look at their senses. Every year at the conclusion of the class’s sensation and perception unit, Mr. Holden holds a “sensation day” in which the students do different activities involving their senses.

“Sensation day made me learn firsthand about the feeling of sensations on my tongue and through sight I got to walk the hallways with [inverted] goggles on,” Ryan Ryba (12) said.

The students went through different stations involving tasting different foods, walking with inverted goggles on and dying their tongues green to see if they were a “super-taster” or not.  Sensation day gives the students a better understanding of the senses.

“[Sensation day] is beneficial because you get to see the different interactions and how they affect you personally, so it’s more real to you,” Alyssa Born (12) said.

Mr. Holden’s AP Psychology class offers many other interactive demonstrations that make the class interesting to the the students.

“I would recommend taking AP Psychology because we do a lot of demonstrations and activities.  The things we learn are really interesting and cool,” Born said.