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The girls soccer team listens to Mr. Bartolomeo, Athletic Director, as he talks about the different teams. Almost half of the girls soccer team received an academic award.

Colleen Quinn, Author

On Nov. 19 fall sports participants gathered in the school cafeteria and field house for the annual Fall Sports Banquet. The event was hosted by Mr. Tony Bartolomeo, Athletic Director, and was intended to recognize the achievements of the season’s athletes. Parents and family members were invited to join the athletes and coaches for dinner prior to the banquet.

“A lot of work goes behind [the banquet]. We are feeding close to 1,000 people, and we are giving awards to about 283 total athletes. It’s a reward for all of the hard work that’s done by their parents, the athletes participating [and] all of the coaches spending all of the time away [and] setting up the games. It’s a lot of work by a lot of people,” Mr. Bartolomeo said.

Out of the 283 athletes that participated in fall sports, on hundred of them maintained at least an “A” average in their coursework during the season. By the end of the fall season, Lake Central girls placed first and the boys placed second in the DAC all sports standings.

“[My senior year] was the best one so far. I loved every moment of it. When [my coach] called me up there for the last award I would ever get, it really hit me and I started crying. It was one of those moments where all of the memories, all of the good times, just kind of played through [my mind]. I wouldn’t trade them for the world,” Brianna Dougherty (12) said.