Improv Troupe Engages Food Drive


Matthew Shute (12) and Jacob Quintanilla (11) act offended as they participate in “Show Me That!”.

Anna Oppermann and lakecentralnews

Halloween is right around the corner, and each year, the Advanced Drama classes sponsor a food drive called “Trick-or-Treat so Kids Can Eat.”  The two classes formed improv groups called Mad Libs and Free Candy.  During the food drive, both groups performed improv shows.
Entrance to the shows requires either $2 or a can of food to be donated to the food drive. The two improv groups performed various games, including Hands Off, Salespeople, Phrases in a Can and World’s Worst.
“My favorite game would definitely be Salespeople.  I get to be loud and outgoing. It’s awesome,” Richanne Matthews (11), a member of Mad Libs, said.
Both improv groups thought that they performed very well, especially since it was their first show.
“Both groups do a lot of games before the show to boost up [their] energy, so everybody was really enthusiastic. We did a really good job. It’s going to be hard to top it at the next show,” Brenda O’Gonuwe (11) said.