Holiday greetings and card meanings


Shanon O’Brien (9) and Joy Wozniak (9) giggle while putting stamps on card holders. O’Brien and Wozniak have been designing a variety of cards throughout the year.

Emily Lisac, Author

With smiles on their faces, students created greeting cards on Tuesday, Dec 9, 2014. Throughout the year, Ms. Georgia Bissias, westlake, has been guiding her excited students with making and selling handmade cards.

“We have a variety of cards. Some are holiday, some are wedding, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, get well cards and [there’s a] variety of just note cards if you want to write somebody a little note,” Ms. Bissias said.

The cards not only let the students be crafty,but  they also serve a greater, more helpful purpose.

“[The reason they make the cards] is to teach the kids skills they can use as they become adults. [The services they do around the school] are all activities that are teaching the kids how to assemble a product, how to put things together, keep an area clean or provide a service to somebody. So as they become young adults and adults they can hopefully have employable skills that they can give to the community and support themselves as best they can. The money [received by selling the cards] recycles back into the program which will then buy the supplies,” Ms. Bissias said.

The cards can be sold to anyone who wants one and can be bought in room 9102 or by emailing Mrs. Bissias at [email protected]