Pizza, Art and Pumpkins

Amanda Bulf and lakecentralnews

On October 17, 2011, LC Art Club held its first club meeting. Due to Halloween being just around the corner, the members painted pumpkins. They ate pizza and candy and met other students that love art. Art Club meetings are held sporadically and usually only occur first semester.

This means that the students can work on more expensive projects and go on even more field trips. The downside to this is that they do not get to work on projects on a set schedule.

 “I think there should be a balance,” Bryan Hoyt (12), only boy to join Art Club, said. “People will forget to come when we don’t have a set schedule.”

Other members prefer the schedule exactly the way it is.

 “It’d be a chore if I had to come every week – and I like the bigger projects,” Lindsey Nevins (10) said.

 It is worth mentioning that most professional art clubs tend to meet once a month or less.

The point of the club is not to learn art, but to meet the art community and gain support. Members of the LC Art Club do not feel disappointed about the flexible schedule.

 “You get to look forward to it more,” Samantha Gross (10) said.