Zoology students pig-out on last lab


Rachael Peterson (12), Brittany St. Germain (11), Taylor Doetterl (12), Jasmin Alvarado (11) and Emmanda McKenzie (11) take turns studying the pig during the zoology lab. Each group was given their own pig to dissect.

Jessica Wojton, Author

With the fall semester coming to a close, a lot of classes are wrapping up their class activities and lectures.  Mrs. Lisa Moreno’s, Science, fourth hour zoology class did the fetal pig dissection as their last lab.

“I try to do one of each type of animal. We did a fish, which was the shark.  We did the frog, an amphibian.  We did a bird, and then now we’re doing a mammal,” Mrs. Moreno said.

With the pig being a mammal just like we are, the anatomy of the animal is very similar to our own.  Some students had to sit down and not participate in the lab, while others found it very unique and couldn’t help but investigate.

“From the beginning, I was OK with [dissecting animals]; I was never grossed out or anything,” Jasmin Alvarado (11) said.

The students thought the lab was not very difficult since they were learning about mammals during class.

“I feel like it was easier [dissecting the pig rather than the other animals] because even though it’s not the same anatomically, it’s really close. There’s distinct features of the organs that you could tell that is the same in each animal,” Emmanda McKenzie (11) said.