Lose a little, gain a lot


Michael Clark, Author

Lake Central’s Freshman basketball teams faced off against Michigan City and won both games with a score of 36-30 for the guys and 36-14 for the girls.

“It was really pushing from our last few losses, and tonight we came together as a team and worked together,” Connor Tomasic (9) said.

The evening began with the freshman boys. The game started not-so-smoothly for Lake Central with the Wolves scoring first. After a while, Lake Central scored and kept a lead for the remainder of the game.

“Yeah, it was first rough. [Our] plays were getting a little called off guard until we actually worked together, but we started doing good later on,” Keon Sellers (9) said.

Later in the game, Justin Olesek (9) was injured by an opponent player and caused remorse for the audience and the Indians.

“It was really disappointing.  We were really mad, and we wanted to go off on them at first, but later on, we just touched up, and at the end we made sure he was OK,” Sellers said.

After the guys finished their game, the attention moved onto the girls as they began their game of the night.  Their start wasn’t necessarily as rough as the guy’s, but they suffered in their defense slightly.

“It’s not our best game and we should’ve played better, but we got a win,” Anna Weir (9) said.

The girls had an easier time than the guys did in their game, yet one setback was the amount of casualties the girls faced that night versus only one injured player on the boys team.

“I think it was heart-felt, but we played hard, and they always come once in a while,” Weir said.

Both freshman teams are expecting a good future for their seasons.

“We have some good games coming up next week.  We have Hobart on Monday, so that’ll be a good test as well,” Coach Arehart said.