Destination: 8th grade orientation


Alayna Wallace, Author

On Jan. 12, eighth grade students and their families came together to tour the new school and explore the opportunities and classes needed for a successful freshman year.

“This night helps open the eyes of the parents and the students and kind of give them more perspective on what LC has to offer,” Marc Mertsching (12) said.

Eighth grade orientation sported different booths such as Dollars for Scholars, Marching Band, Theatre and Science Olympiad. Teachers such as Dr. Dustin Verpooten, Science, discussed the classes that must be taken in the next four years.

“Tonight is actually a really great night because it gives us as teachers the opportunity to set up the parents and students for success when they transition into high school,” Dr. Verpooten said.

Wrapping around the facility, various under and upperclassmen gave tours of the entire school and helped incoming freshmen explore possible extracurriculars that they may be passionate about.

“I was really confused going into freshman year. It was nice having the seniors help you out. You were in their shoes,” Cassidy Michau (12) said.

Given as a chance for students to get accustomed to where they will be for the next four years, the 8th grade orientation helps students see all of the opportunities high school has in store.

“High school can be a very different game from the middle school and getting the chance to understand the differences and the new responsibilities is key to get them started on the right track,” Dr. Verpooten said.