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Early bird gets the movie

Ethan Gomez (12) signs up for his movie. Gomez chose to do his project about “Fight Club.”

On Jan. 16, many students from Mr. Ralph Holden’s, Social Studies, AP Psychology class woke up earlier than usual to choose a movie for their end-of-the-year project.

“I got to school at 6:00 am. [I chose] ‘Inception.’ It is full of psychology and has so many dreams and so many [psychological concepts] in it,” Alison Beck (12) said.

The basis of the project is for students to watch a movie, write a summary for the film of their choice and pick 15 things that tie into what the students have learned throughout the course.

“I’m not looking forward to doing this project because it will be a lot of work, but I feel like it will be fun once I start doing it,” Kayla Mathews (11) said.

Many of those who arrived early felt that losing a few moments of sleep was worth it.

“I was very excited with my movie choice because I got to choose my all-time favorite movie, ‘The Dark Knight.’ Since I have to do a project on it, it’s a guaranteed A because I know this movie like the back of my hand,” Savreet Chhokar (11) said.

Some students chose not to arrive to school as early as others.

“I didn’t really think anyone would take my movie, so I didn’t get there that early,” Maja Vidović (10) said.

Many students who will be taking AP Psychology next year are thinking about the project and what movie to choose in advance.

“I’m looking forward to doing [the project] because I think it’ll make me see the movie from a different perspective, as well as making me see the world from a different perspective,” Anja Stanić (11) said.

Those who have any more questions regarding the movie project or AP Psychology can talk to Mr. Holden in room C308.

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