Thrilling ride


Mrs. Mary Joan Martin, Science, explains the rollercoaster project to a pair of students. She went into great detail explaining how important this project is to everyday life.

Jacki Hoffman, Author

On Jan. 21, students in Mrs. Mary Joan Martin’s, Science, Integrated Chemistry and Physics class continued to work on building roller coasters to learn more about the class’s objectives.

“We’re learning about forces, inertia, momentum, speed [and] acceleration, so we’re [going to] build these. In the lab, they’ll be building [the roller coaster] and then [make their] marble go the fastest, make it go slower, change the mass, collect the data and then use all the vocabulary.” Mrs. Martin said.

Many of the students feel nervous about finishing their projects on time.

“She should give us more time and actually show us how to do this because she just threw pieces at us. Then [she] gave us a big book and told us to build a roller coaster. I think its a really good project if she gave us [enough] time,” Radiant Sykes (10) said.

This lab stretched for numerous class periods and required a lot of hard work.

“All of the cutting takes a really, really long time. It’s better then sitting and getting lectured and taking notes. It’s more fun to be able to go into the labs instead of just doing the bookwork,” Jenna Stockman (10) said.

The lab has not been completed yet and will be completed soon.