Treading on Bulldog territory


The gymnastic team performs their routine cheer before the competition started. The cheer was meant to start off the meet and keep the girls spirits up.

Kayla Hallowell, Author

The Lake Central gymnastics team lost against Crown Point on Jan. 29, at Crown Point. The overall score was 104 -94.  From the previous meets, the girls improved on their skills on beam.

“I think [the team] all did really good. As a team we’re really improving, especially on beam.  Before on beam, our last competition, we were all falling off after every single skill, but we were able to stay on a whole lot more and get higher scores, so that was good,” Lauren Davidson (9) said.

Every switch-kick or back-hand-spring to ever jump and flip made the team closer to breaking 100.

“Our team did really well. I think that they are becoming increasingly focussed as we go from meet to meet.  From our very first meet we started at 91 and now we are all they way up to 94.  By all means, the girls have set the goal of breaking 100. That definitely helps us be competitive, especially in the DAC conference,” Coach Myra Lolkama said.

There is always space to improve; that is exactly what the girls do every practice.

“I can improve mostly on bars like in my straddle cut, like pushing away from the bar, and just like connecting everything, and being more confident,” Madison O’Drobinak (9) said.
The team’s next competition is at Lowell High School on Jan. 5. Make sure to come out and cheer on the girls.