Calling all to Coffee Cabin


Coffee Cabin is conveniently located on Route 30 in Schererville. The business had a welcoming cabin atmosphere.

Elena Gorney, Author

On Route 30 in Schererville is a cozy, rustic drive-through by the name of Coffee Cabin.  The business’s convenient location and friendly service make it an easy and enjoyable way to pick up a fresh cup of coffee or homemade baked good.

“I love the coffee; that’s probably the best part about working here.  My favorite is the Mountaintop Mocha. We also sell cookies, scones, espresso brownies, and ‘logs.’ One owner’s wife actually bakes all the bakery goods,” Jacqueline Johnson, employee, said.

Employees of Coffee Cabin are trained in making coffee and always have a welcoming attitude.

“The service is excellent.  I have been there twice, and both times I thought the people who took our orders were very enthusiastic and had good personalities.  The coffee is very good.  I will definitely go back,” Katherine Gorney, customer, said.

Drivers in Northwest Indiana will soon see more branches of Coffee Cabin popping up along busy streets.

“[Coffee Cabin] has been around for about two months; we opened in December.  Our owners are planning to open one in Griffith, and we’re also hoping to expand all over Northwest Indiana,” Ms. Johnson said.