Scratch away the past


Mr. Paul Volk, Art, shows George Morris (12) and Matthew Mireles (10) painting techniques to improve their projects. Mr. Volk taught them how to mix multiple hues of blue to create a realistic sky.

Emily Lisac, Author

Lake Central offers a variety of art courses to its students. Among them are the 3D art classes that give students the opportunity to work with their hands.

“We are working on bas-relief, which basically is a carving in foam that you do in multiple layers. First you want to find a scene that you want to do and draw it on a piece of paper. Then you trace it into the piece of foam and carve down into it, creating layers,” Nicholas Presta (11) said.

Although it may not look like it, bas-relief is more than just a random sculpture. It displays past events and ideas that have impacted history.

“The style of art is called bas-relief because the students carve into a block of balsa foam. The project was to pick one significant thing from an assigned century that would be the main focus of the sculpture,” Mr. Paul Volk, Art, said.

The 3D art classes allow students to do a number of projects that include sculpting and working with glass.

“I really liked the glass project that we did because we could pick what we wanted to do for it. I did a sports theme. I really like [Intro to 3D Art], and I’m taking it senior year,” Jessica Howell said.