Wedding Bells


Danielle Gaines (11), Katherine Freeman (11) and Katherine Veronesi (10) play in the handbell concert on Feb. 17. They performed with Grimmer Bells and Grimmer Middle School.

Sara Lisac, Author

Handbells I and II, directed by Ms. Sandy Hobbs, Art, held a concert with Grimmer Handbells on Feb. 17. The two groups joined at Grimmer Middle School’s gym to perform a unique show.

“February is national wedding month, so Ms. Hobbs said she wanted to do a wedding theme. Instead of wearing pretty dresses, we all wore ugly bridesmaid dresses and it was more directed towards a 80s wedding, so we played a lot of traditional wedding music,” Emily Baginski (12) said.

Going along with the wedding theme, Handbell members invited the audience to join in a line dance. While Handbells usually performs with the other choir classes or by themselves, they decided to perform with Grimmer Middle School.

“All the middle schools have gotten away with the bell choir accept Grimmer and Grimmer has it as an extracurricular activity. We played combined pieces because we are trying to recruit people to come in and play for high school bell choir,” Baginski said.

Many Handbell members were satisfied with their performances and hoped to impress the possible recruits.

“I enjoyed the combined show because the 6th and 7th graders that we don’t know quite yet were able to see us and were hopefully impressed by us, so they would join the program when they eventually go to high school,” Katherine Veronesi (10) said.

The next Handbell concert is scheduled to take place in May.