iChem students practice stoichiometry


Darby McGrath (10) slowly tries to measure 2.5 grams of sodium carbonate into a measuring boat. It took care to practice the skills learned in this stoichiometry lab.

Tabitha Pappas, Author

Mr. Kendal Smith, Science, and his sixth hour class participated in a stoichiometry lab during Matrix period on March 3. They used the lab to practice more of the materials and information they need for their upcoming test.

The lab took about 35 minutes to complete with all the steps, not including cleanup time. The students needed to try and be as precise as possible to get a lower percent error.

“The lab was time-consuming and precise,” Kallie Higgins (10) said.

The students mixed chemicals with water and poured the mixture through a funnel containing filter paper. The filter paper caught the chemicals that were not liquid, and the rest fell through the funnel into the beaker.The post-lab material had questions using the measurements from the lab to figure out types of questions that will be on the students’ quizzes and test.

“The equations and math questions in the post lab that related to the numbers that we got in the lab helped you to practice for the test questions,” Lauren Tatina (10) said.