School board budget briefing


Dr. Larry Veracco, Superintendent, discusses the topic of the brick fundraiser, which is a new way to raise money by selling bricks with inscriptions of the buyers name. This fundraiser has been successful so far.

Jacki Hoffman

Members of the school board met to discuss the various topics that relate to Lake Central on March 2. One of these topics was about changes of the budget bills.

“I look forward to hearing more about the actual complexity [of the] changes. It appears that the House and the Senate made some efforts to improve our funding. The way I understand them is that when something is decided, both the Senate and the House hash it out, so it is important to keep our emphasis on our legislators’ views of education in our tri-town area and throughout the state of Indiana,” Mrs. Janice Malchow, board member, said.

The school board also discussed fundraisers that are in effect as of now.

“The brick fundraiser that is supposed to [be designed] outside the new area of [the] football [field] kicked off. I think we sold out forty bricks so far,” Dr. Larry Veracco, Superintendent, said.

The board also talked about math remediation programs that will take place in the summer of 2015.

“The principals and I got together and looked through ways we can improve [these programs]. We knew, looking at our data, that teachers often struggle in problem-solving and teaching basic numbers. We want to find something that can be used in not only the classrooms, rather than just finding something that would be distributed to the kids [to be memorized],” Mrs. Theresa Schoon, Director of Primary Education, said.

Donations for numerous subjects were also discussed at this meeting.

“Clark Middle School’s eighth grade dance received 200 dollar donations from Lake Central Plaza. Target recently paid an additional donation toward our school from its Take Charge donation program. The high school would like to donate 2400 dollars to The American League,” Mr. Rob James, Director of Business Services, said.