The color of sand


Students independently work on their sand art projects. These projects were inspired by the work that the Navajo tribe did.

Emily Rey

Intro to 3D Art classes work on many projects throughout the semester, and currently students are working on a project where they make art out of sand.

“I think [the sand project] is pretty cool, and it allows for all of the students to be creative and do their own thing. It is kind of messy though, but its still fun,” Phoebe Duke (10) said.

Mr. Paul Volk, Art, taught the students the history behind this kind of art before they began their projects. This allows the students to fully grasp the project they are working on.

“We learn a little about art history. We study the Navajo culture, and we learn about their traditions, and why they did sand painting. [The students] take the ideas and foundations for those principles and create their own images,” Mr. Volk said.

The room is filled with buckets of sand for students to use at their own discretion, and the freedom to create different pieces.