How to have a good birthday

Today, putting candles on a sweet and singing is a common practice spanning the globe. The tradition of birthday cakes started in ancient Greece as an offering of a beautiful cake with candles to the goddess Artemis. picture from, fact from

Brittany Rabatine, Author

No matter the age, birthdays are usually momentous occasions. Unfortunately they can feel like just any other day of the year depending on how they are handled. In order to ensure a candle-worthy celebration, here are a few tips:

1: Dress up. If you dress a little fancier than usual, people are bound to notice. Now this doesn’t mean to wear a tuxedo or ball gown, unless that’s the look you’re going for. Typically, when one believes they look nice, he or she feel more confident.

2: Make some plans. Whether it is with friends or with family, going out partying or just heading out for dinner, plan to have fun. Nothing makes a birthday like the wait-staff at a restaurant carrying out a cupcake and singing to you.

3: Don’t stress the little details. This goes for every day, not even just birthdays. If something unexpected happens, like you have a test or your hair isn’t just how you want it, don’t worry. The day will still go on. It is still your special day. If you focus on the negative things, the whole day might feel ruined.

4: Don’t be selfish. Birthdays may be the time to get presents while not worrying about giving any in return but don’t get greedy. Not everyone knows what to get so they just buy a card or something small. A gift card is the easiest gift to give because it guarantees a present that will be enjoyed. Don’t be upset if you get a gift card to BestBuy instead of that new phone you wanted.

5: Remember it is YOUR day!