Q&A: Jackson DeLisle (11)


Stephanie O'Drobinak, Author

Q:   How long have you been doing Taekwondo?

A:   “I have been doing [Taekwondo] for nine years.”

Q:   What do you love most about doing this sport? What things do you not like so much?

A:  “I like the weapons training because it is fun and interesting. There is nothing I don’t like about it because I love what I do.”

Q:   How did you get involved in this sport?

A:  “[Taekwondo is] something my dad and I started nine years back just to have an activity we could do together.”

Q:   How often do you practice? What is a typical practice like?

A:  “I like to practice at least three times a week, My practice involves hitting the punching bag, practicing with weapons, and endurance training.”

Q:   In what way has Taekwondo impacted your life?

A:  “Martial Arts has impacted my life by teaching me discipline, respect and how to handle stressful situations.”

Q:   How long did it take to get your third-degree black belt? What age were you when you earned it?

A:   “It took me about seven and a half years to get my third-degree black belt.”

Q:   Have you ever tied this sport and your acting together? How did you do it?

A:   “Yes, because I used some of the techniques that I learned in Martial Arts while playing roles on stage.”

Q:   What is your advice to students who would like to try this sport?

A:   “If you’re going to try [Taekwondo], give it your all. If you don’t love it after about a month of doing it, then don’t do something you hate because you should spend more time on something you love.”