Bringing back Broadway


Megan McLaughlin (9) sings a parody of “Tomorrow” from “Annie.” McLaughlin portrayed an older version of the musical’s title character.

Cami Wallace, Author

Lake Central Theater Company’s spring musical, “Forbidden Broadway,” ran from Thursday, March 12, to Saturday, March 14. Based off of many Broadway shows, “Forbidden Broadway” was a satire, caricaturing some of the popular figures in show business.

“[‘Forbidden Broadway’] turned out really well. It was really funny. At first we were a little weary because we were like, ‘Will the people get the jokes?’ Then we were like, ‘Wait, this is too funny. I don’t care if they get the jokes,’ but people did get the jokes,” Megan Barry (11) said.

With a lot of work going into the show to perfect everything, actors and actresses had much time to bond.

“There wasn’t anything I didn’t like, but the casting was absolutely perfect. I’m friends with a lot of people who are in the cast. It’s a comedy, which is my strong suit, so of course, I loved that, but I really loved everything about it,” Zachary Hansen (10) said.

The many months of learning songs, dances and lines did not seem like too much work for the group, even though the scenes had to be rehearsed differently than in shows in the past.

“[The show was] mostly working by yourself, and not a bunch of people trying to work on stuff, at least for my numbers. I worked on them individually with our vocal director and my own vocal coach. I practiced them at home. [Practices are] basically just getting it all detailed and fun,” Barry said.