Students bring their cooking skills to the classroom


Cameron Meyers (9), Nick Doyle (9), Justin Graves (9) pour the egg yolk into the pan. They were the cooks of the group

Hannah Pratt

[Nutrition and Wellness] is a class that some students decide to take while they are in high school.

“I really like to cook at home, so I decided to take cooking,” Amanda Elkins (9) said.

Students are taught many skills they can use in the future, such as how to prepare different kinds of foods. Students learn about different foods and the correct way to prepare them.

A big skill that Nutrition and Wellness teaches is responsibility. It teaches students to focus on what they’re doing and to pay attention to the foods they’re preparing.

“It teaches us more than just cooking foods, it also teaches cooking safety,” Cameron Meyers (9) said.

In cooking class, students don’t just prepare foods everyday. Like every other class, each day students do something different.

“Some days we will watch a video about the foods we are learning about. We do a lot of worksheets to teach us more about the foods we will be cooking with. The best days are the days we get to cook and eat,” Conner McCoy (10) said.

There are three different [Nutrition and Wellness] classes offered.  In the first year of cooking, there are many different types of food students will learn how to prepare. They learn to make cookies, eggs, pizza, muffins, chicken pot pie, and so many other different foods.

“My favorite thing I have cooked so far was pizza. [I enjoyed cooking it because] it wasn’t just like eggs where you crack it and it’s ready. You actually get to do stuff when cooking pizza. Our group made a pepperoni pizza,” Meyers (9) said.