We all scream for ice cream


Maja Vidovic (10) and Ashley Scanlon (10) shake a bag filled with salt and ice along with milk, half-and-half and vanilla. The solution created ice cream.

Cami Wallace, Author

On Friday, March 20, Ms. Katelin Ellis’s Chemistry Honors class took a break from the books and quizzes to apply the lesson about kinetic energy and behavior of gases lesson to a real-life situation in a lab.

“We took a bunch of baking ingredients, and we mixed them together. We put them under ice and salt to form ice cream. [The ice cream] was really good, especially because it was better than I expected,” Kylee Freckelton (10) said.

Before the class could eat the treat, Ms. Ellis described the basics of the experiment.

“First, I went through the instructions and explained why they were using salt and how salt was the key in making their ice cream so quickly [by] talking about the bonds between two elements and how it interacts with water. From there, they broke up into partners and took responsibility of correctly measuring out each ingredient and then creating their ice cream hopefully correctly,” Ms. Katelin Ellis, Science, said.

The lab offered a great way to have the class experience the lesson firsthand.

“[The lab] leads into our next unit really well, which is about solutions and involves the freezing point depression, which is what the ice cream lab covers. It’s right before spring break, so it’s fun,” Ms. Ellis said.