Slicing snakes in Matrix 7


Tyler Hires (12) makes an incision from the top to the bottom of the snake. Hires opened up the snake to see the snake’s organs.

Amber Stedt

On Wednesday, April 1, Mrs. Lisa Moreno’s, Science, had her zoology class discover what is inside a snake.  The class was excited to dissect their first snake and examine the inner organs.

“My favorite part is obviously making the first incision, because that’s the most difficult part, but I also like looking at all the different organs, like how the right lung is very small if not non-existent,” Tyler Paluszak (11) said.

Other students enjoyed the simplicity of the dissection compared to the other labs, but felt otherwise about the smell.

“At first its a little bit weird because you feel a little bit squeamish while doing it because it smells a little bit worse, but if anything, this one is much easier than the shark and frog dissection,” Anthony Risch (12) said.

Students learned about how each part works and functions.  Some students were amazed by how the organs worked.

“[My favorite part was] being able to see things and actually know what they are and how they function for the first time,” Tyler Hires (12)