Innovative Indians


Above the stairwell in the Freshman Center, our school’s symbol, the dream catcher, is being made to make our school more of an attractive environment. Mr. Paul Volk, Art, created a poster of pictures from the generations of Lake Central students to soon be put in the center of the dream catcher.

Liz Bustamante, Author

With the construction of the new school, students and staff have been trying to make the new building feel more like home. Mr. Paul Volk, Art, has been using art to create more of a comfortable environment in the current Lake Central building.

Above one of the stairwells in the freshman center, a display of the school’s symbol, the dream catcher, is in the process of being made.

“Promoting art throughout the school [is the goal of the project]. Once we get the school opened up, the new wings and all that, we eventually want to get art back into it. There’s visual interest around like taking kids’ work and displaying it, or in this case, we are taking something that I created and turning it into a work of art, so when people see it it’s just something aesthetically pleasing,” Volk said.

Students are asked to help contribute to the art displays in our school. Pictures of current and former Lake Central students will be used to complete the project.