Pigeon pellet disection


Devonte Brooks (12) begins to tear open a pigeon pellet. The dissection took place during 3rd hour Zoology class.

Erin Dosen, Author

Zoology class is widely known for participating in assignments that seem quite out of the ordinary. This week, the class is dissecting pigeon pellets.

“I like doing [this dissection] so students can get a better idea of the digestion and diet and piece together the anatomy of the pigeon. I think it is fascinating, because most people don’t get to see this kind of stuff,” Mrs. Lisa Moreno, Science, said.

Most dissections that take place in this classroom are directly on animals, but this one is much different.

“[The dissection] was simple; all we had to do was take the bones out. It wasn’t really gross, [because] it was basically just fur,” Eric Ainsley (12) said.

The students’ objective was to take apart the fur and search for specific bones within the pellets.

“I didn’t think I was going to find anything, but I ended up finding a lot more than I expected; I found the entire skull. I felt like a C.S.I agent,” Devonte Brooks (12) said.

The dissection of the full pigeons will begin on Friday, April 24, and carry out to next week.