Freshmen boys baseball swings to victory


Connor Hoffman (9) swings at a low ball to score a run for the team. The freshmen team faced off the Hobart Brickies April 22.

Ashley Kralik, Author

Winds were fierce with temperatures lowering this week as the freshman boys baseball team faced off the Hobart Brickies, defeating them with a score of 4-2 on April 22.

As the boys were eagerly waiting to begin, the Brickies unfortunately did not arrive at the scheduled time, so the game was pushed back about an hour. However, the intense weather conditions and delayed timing didn’t set back the boys in defeating the opposing team.

“We played a good game, but I just think that we could’ve done a lot of things better as far as hitting. We left quite a few runners on the bases. As far as pitches, we didn’t throw enough strikes, but all we have to do is just keep winning. That’s our passion,” Doug Visnack (9) said.

For every game the boys set individual goals that they want to carry out to reach success.

“We have a little list that we do each game that we want to accomplish: no striking out backwards or striking out without looking, go two-for-three, go down on the base only two times and run two bases,” Jared Schassburger (9) said.