Complication with the anticipation


The last day of school and final testing are on May 27. Students have marked their calendars to count down the days.

Emily Lisac, Author

With the last day of school around the corner comes the anticipation for summer vacation, but students are not the only ones waiting for a break.

“It’s exciting [knowing the year is almost over]. I can’t believe the year went by so quickly. I had a great year. In a way, I’m sad to see it end, but we all love our summers too,” Mrs. Chris Schneider, World Language, said.

School is not over yet, but some teachers are noticing the unfocused eagerness of the students. Luckily some educators have tricks to keep them engaged.

“[The students] are definitely more down on Mondays and a little bit more wound up on Fridays, and you can tell that they are already looking ahead for summer. [When keeping students focused] I always try to use humor. I don’t think it ever gets stale or old. You say a joke, and it gets all the kids laughing and participating,” Mr. Darrell Wierzal, English, said.

Along with counting down the days, some students plan elaborate pranks and stunts that, over the years, the teachers have observed.

“One special event happened on the last day of school when I worked in the freshman center. After school let out, there was a party in the student parking lot. We looked out there and saw a pickup truck, and in it they put a plastic liner and filled it with water. They were having a pool party in a truck. That was the best end-of-the-year celebration I have ever seen,” Mrs. Schneider said.