Concert collaboration


Bianca Bernal (11) and Samantha McCuaig (11) are the only two oboe players of the Lake Central Wind Ensemble. The piece that Lake Central and Purdue played together was titled “Symphony of Themes of John Philip Sousa.”

Lauren Davidson, Author

On Wednesday, April 29, wind ensemble performed a concert with the Purdue Wind Ensemble.  Three music selections were played by the Lake Central band and another three selections were played by the Purdue band. At the end of the concert, the Lake Central and Purdue bands combined as one and performed two songs together.

“I thought the concert went very well, and I think both groups played phenomenally. When we did our side-by-side song, I thought it sounded amazing,” Jesse Veloz (12) said.

A unique feature of the Purdue band was that all of the participants were not music majors.

“I’m actually going to Purdue, and even though I’m not doing band, it was nice to go with the top ensemble there and see what a college band sounds like, especially when they don’t have a music major,” Veloz said.

Being able to play with Purdue was a new experience for those familiar with traditional concerts throughout the year.

“It’s definitely nice to get a different perspective from what we’re normally used to in terms of what happens in wind ensemble class.  It’s nice to get kind of an outside view from people who may be a tad bit more experienced and have just the slightest bit more knowledge on the activities in which we partake in. It’s not so much like they’re teaching us, but it’s just nice to work side-by-side with these upper-level students,” Andres Ramirez (12) said.